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  • 102367-0700500025
  • Schlossberg Switzerland - Bed Linen ELLIOT

    ELLIOT is a refreshing, wide block stripe design featuring a natural, pleasantly light linen fabric. The blue color theme is dominated by classic blue and white stripes, conjuring up maritime lightness in the bedroom. In contrast, the gray-white color option of the bed linen guarantees a modern, casual look.

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100% linen

Linen makes a statement with its typical, modern knit look, has a pleasant cooling effect, and is very skin-friendly. Linen has a long lifespan and is quite absorbent. The bedding has characteristic irregularities in the yarn, such as varying thread thickness, knots, and raffia weft. The more frequently it is washed, the softer and smoother it becomes. (ca. 150 g/m2)


Caring for linen bedding
Thanks to its cooling properties and low weight, linen is idea for a lightweight, fresh summer bed. Thanks to its many features, linen fabric is a timeless favorite, naturally anti-static and densely woven, both soft and pleasant against your skin.
Due to its very slight elasticity, the bedding is prone to wrinkling and displays all the characteristics of yarn irregularity, such as varying thread thickness, knots, and raffia weft. The more frequently linen fabric is washed, the softer and smoother it becomes. Unlike cotton, linen fabrics don't pill or produce lint.

Proper care
Wash linen bedding at 60°C and only use detergent suitable for colors or delicates, with no optical brighteners. Load washer drum
Turn bedding and zip closed. Fill washer drum loosely , being careful not to overload it - this places unnecessary strain on the fabric. 2/3 full is ideal.
You can tumble dry your linen bedding, but treat it like delicates and do not over-dry. It's best to iron your bedding while it is slightly damp. Do not always fold your linen fabrics in the same place, as this could cause the threads to break over time.

Article number: 102367-0700500025
Article name: ELLIOT
Pattern: Stripes
Closure: Zipper
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