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  • 700804-0000020001
  • Schlossberg Switzerland - Bedding COMTE

    Comte comforter is made of 90% new, pure, white, European goose down and 10% feathers. In this comforter, the fluffy goose down provides a lot of comfort, while ensuring moisture transport and good heat balance. In addition, the quilting processing in the form of closed checks prevents the slipping of the filling, which thus remains constant. The comforter is characterized by a breathable and hydrophilic cotton batiste cover and is especially suitable for allergy sufferers due to the natural mite protection NOMITE®. Swiss Made.

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90% goose down, 10% feathers

90% new, pure European goose down, white. 10% feathers. Swiss-quality VSB standard.

Filling weight: 

  Test_Warmegrad_2koYyr58tBDYIp Warmepunkte_2von5Ny4DPyNmOqlv3 Warmepunkte_3von5bkm4Y4X5lY79T
 135 x 200  230 gr.  380 gr.   540 gr. 
155 x 220 270 gr. 450 gr. 650 gr.


100% cotton, finest Swiss batiste, hydrophilic and breathable.
The especially top-quality batiste was chosen in line with the latest findings pertaining to sleep research. The weave and coating ensure particularly fast moisture-wicking capabilities and excellent air circulation. The luxurious feel guarantees an incomparably restful night’s sleep.

Allergy sufferers: NOMITE® natural mite barrier
The NOMITE label indicates that the product is suitable for those with dust allergies. The down-proof fabric is so finely woven that it acts as a barrier and prevents dust mites from permeating the bedding.

Swiss Made
The Swiss Made label guarantees that duvets and pillows are manufactured with lots of love and care in Switzerland. The label ensures the highest quality standards, premium filling material, and regular quality controls.

Fluffy down/ feathers
The quality of a duvet is determined both by the percentage of down that it contains and the size and filling capacity of the down. Fluffy down is more insulating, has a higher filling capacity, and ventilates better than down with fewer fluffy fibers. As a result, it is more expensive, offers better sleep comfort, and has a longer lifespan. Feathers, due to their great support and elasticity, are used for pillows. In order to experience good, healthy sleep, it is important to lay the head on something that is not just soft, but also offers optimal support and thereby reduces strain on the neck .


Daily care:

  • Gently shake out bedding each day and air out the room so that moisture absorbed during sleep can be released.
  • Air out the bedding in fresh air only during dry weather and place in the shade. Do not place in direct sunlight.
  • Do not vacuum or beat with a carpet beater.
  • Change your bed linens regularly and occasionally change the top and toe orientation when putting on clean bed linen.

Wash instructions:

  • Launder washable bedding according to the temperature stated on the care label.
  • Use a pH-neutral, liquid detergent.
  • Do not use fabric softeners.
  • Repeat the spin cycle in order to reduce the water stored in the down and feathers.
  • Tumble dry at 100°C – shake out the bedding every 30 minutes to reduce drying time.


  • Wash bedding at least once per year according to the care labels.
  • Get non-washable duvets professionally cleaned every three years for hygiene reasons.
  • Replace duvets after 6-8 years and pillows after 2-3 years.
  • Recommendation for cleaning: Schlossberg detergent with natural ingredients, biodegradable, unscented, skin-friendly, no bleach or optical brighteners, suitable for allergy sufferers.


Duvet with very low heat retentive properties. Suitable as an airy, lightweight
summer duvet, a duvet for heated water beds and for people who require very little heat retention from their duvet.

Duvet with low heat retentive properties. Suitable as a lightweight, year-round duvet or for periods between seasons, as well as for people who require low heat retention from their duvet.

Duvet with average heat retentive properties. Suitable as a year-round duvet and for people who require average heat retention from their duvets.

Article number: 700804-0000020001
Article name: COMTE
Pattern: plain
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