FRUTTI Foulard

FRUTTI Foulard


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    Summer for all the senses: Our FRUTTI design blends tangy lemons, ripe apricots, sweet watermelons and juicy berries, which appear as radiant messengers of a sunny summer. To-go as a charming foulard or a bold bed linen design for your bedroom.

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100% silk

Silk - 100% silk
Silk is a fine fiber derived from the cocoons of silk worms, the larvae of silk moths. It is the only naturally occurring textile fiber and is made primarily of protein. It is believed to come from China originally, and was a very important trade good, which was transported to Europe along the Silk Road. Silk has a luxurious sheen, is very high-quality, and caresses your skin. It is a very skin-friendly fabric.


Please read the sewn-in care labels, because properly maintained silk foulards remain beautiful, allowing you to enjoy them for a long time.

Article number: 103061
Article name: FRUTTI Foulard